Behind TAE Trends Shop stands Sylvia María, a Puerto Rican now based in Central Florida . She is the creator and designer of TAE Jewelry. From a young age, Sylvia has been deeply passionate about fashion, design, and empowering others to look and feel their best. This drive has led her to curate TAE Trends Shop, offering unique pieces crafted to complement your style.

  At TAE Trends Shop, Sylvia's vision comes to life through meticulously designed jewelry that encapsulates her love for fashion and her desire to uplift individuals. 

  Incorporating pieces from TAE Trends Shop, is the perfect way to infuse your daily ensembles with that coveted elegance. Whether it's a dainty necklace, a pair of sophisticated earrings, or a sleek bracelet, each accessory has the power to transform an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary.